Poverty’s Child by Caroline Adams

I was looking for a good book to read and this novel had all the right ingredients: an exotic setting (East Africa), humanitarian problems and an intercultural love. Then, when I started reading the preface I became a little suspicious because the author explained that the tutors of her MA in Creative Writing supported and guided her and my opinion is that you don’t need any course to become a writer. Fortunately Caroline Adam’s work was really worth reading.
Poverty’s Child is the challenging story of Corrie, a British aid worker involved in a project in Eastern Africa. She can’t feel at home in the Western World, so she prefers living in the desert helping the local people. There she meets Bashir, a refugee from a nearby country and they fall in love. Poverty’s Child is the story of two worlds intertwining their destinies.
Corrie reveals the shades of the NGOs apparently working only to benefit poor people. In this world of contradictions nobody is perfect and among thousands of abandoned children, Corrie decides to adopt the wrong one. Karim – Theophilus has a mother and she wants him back. Poverty, who is only a 14-year-old street girl, sex worker, glue-sniffer and beggar at first accepts Corrie’s money, but then her latest boyfriend beats her leaving with all that she had received for the baby. Grey is the colour of this novel, neither white nor black because there are neither saints nor demons on this earth.
Bashir decides to go to Europe and starts a relationship with their friend Sue. Corrie is left behind. She didn’t have the resolution to follow him when she was still on time and so has lost him forever. No man, no child. What a sad turn for her. She wasn’t perfect, but did she really deserve to pay such a high price?

Poverty's Child

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