Anne Frank – The Diary of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition

Anne Frank’s diary should be read for its historical value. I had so many wrong ideas about her, but that’s what happens with very famous characters. You think you know it all and you are so fed up with them that you don’t want to deepen your knowledge on the topic. I knew that she was killed by the Nazis during WWII because of her Jewish faith, but before watching a movie about her life, I thought she wrote her diary in a concentration camp. So it was a big surprise seeing that she spent two years hiding in a building in Amsterdam with her family and some other people and that she wrote her diary during this period of her life.

Anne Frank - The Diary of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition

After what I had seen on TV I decided to buy and read a copy of her diary. This happened at the end of 2013. There are so many editions of her diary. Anne Frank wrote it in Dutch since she left Germany in 1933 when she was only 4 years old. This was another thing I didn’t know. I was also very surprised when I found out that many people, for example at school, had read a censored version of Anne Frank’s diary. What was so terrible that had to be censored? I hate bigotry and I love the truth, this is why I chose the definitive edition which contained also all the passages that had been removed in the past.

The title “The diary of a young girl” is misleading. I thought Anne Frank was a child, I thought she was 8 or 9 years old when she wrote her diary, but I thought so because she has always been depicted as a child, while she was a girl. She was born in 1929, so she was already 13 years old when she started writing her diary in 1942. Anne had an older sister who was born in 1926, her mother was a housewife and her father the director of a company. She was good at school, she liked reading and she was very successful with boys, but she usually wasn’t very interested in her admirers. Do you still think that she was a child? What surprised me most was her success with boys, since she didn’t seem very good looking, but maybe her cheerful character was the secret of her success.

After that the Nazis occupied the Netherlands Anne Frank’s family went into hiding and survived almost two years in the Secret Annexe. Anne wrote about the people who helped them, her loneliness, the quarrels and the difficult relationship with her mother. At the beginning of 1944 she fell in love with Peter, the only other boy in the Secret Annexe. At first she didn’t like him, but when you have no other choice… After a few months of courtship they kiss each other on the lips. They talk about sex, childbirth, genitals, but that’s all. Anne’s interest in Peter cools down and in August 1944 the eight occupants of the Secret Annexe are arrested and deported. Anne’s diary ends a few days before that. She wanted to obtain the Dutch citizenship after the war, she wanted to write a novel based on her diary and her dream was to become a journalist and a writer. She didn’t want to be a housewife like her mother. Anne Frank died in a concentration camp in 1945. Her father was the only survivor and decided to fulfil her dream and publish her diary, even if in a reduced and censored version.

Anne Frank’s diary can be boring because her life in the Secret Annexe was boring. It took me almost two years to finish it and in the meanwhile I read many other books, but as I wrote at the beginning it should be read for its historical value.

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