Written by Rebecca R. Curran (Clare Wilson)

Rebecca is a very despicable person and if I had known she was having an affair with a married man I wouldn’t have read the story of a slut. Moral considerations aside, the first part of the book is so redundant and slow paced that I was tempted many times to give up. Fortunately I had downloaded it from Amazon for free, during a promotion organized by the author. I discovered this book on Goodreads and I was very disappointed when I found out that the real name of the author is not Rebecca R. Curran but Clare Wilson. The first person narrator Rebecca is not the real author of the book even if her name is written on the cover and there are some similarities between the two women. Both of them are struggling fantasy writers and they both come from Scotland. I felt deceived.

Written by Rebecca R. Curran

The grammar and the spelling are quite correct. There are a few typos here and there, but that’s what often happens with self-published books. The cover is nice, but I don’t understand why it shows a red-haired girl with slightly wavy hair when instead the protagonist has curly brown hair.

Rebecca R. Curran is 28 years old and lives alone in London. She enjoys sipping wine and her job is writing fantasy novels even if she’s not a very successful writer. She has spent the last two years having an affair with a married man. Richard works for a big publishing house and he has a beautiful wife who works as a lawyer. Richard and Rebecca are a very hot couple and their relationship is mainly based on sex. Rebecca doesn’t feel guilty because she’s not the one who is married and when she thinks like that I really hate her. You shouldn’t steal what isn’t yours. You have no excuse and I’m not interested in your loneliness.

One day Rebecca decides to start writing a romance novel called Waiting in Line for Love. Her characters Nathaniel and Portia have wonderful sex in exotic locations and love each other. He works in the publishing industry and she is a successful writer. Everything seems too perfect to be real, but Richard reads part of this rubbish and he thinks it would be a commercial success. Rebecca decides to lie telling him she’s not the author of the book and Richard’s boss accepts to publish it.

Richard’s wife tells Rebecca to stop seeing her husband and the two lovers break up their affair. At this point of the book Richard tells his version of the story, but his diary is redundant. It narrates almost exclusively events that we already know, even if they’re now seen from Richard’s perspective. It would have been better to present the two points of view at the same time using a third person narrator. The only novelty is that Richard’s wife is pregnant, but the man finds out that he’s not the baby’s father and leaves her. He has finally realized that he loves Rebecca and wants to win her back.

The novel is such a success that a famous American actor wants to be Nathaniel on the big screen and Rebecca falls in love with her idol. David kisses her, but when he finds out that she had had a relationship with a married man he’s no longer interested in her, because he had already suffered very much because of his unfaithful ex-wife. Well done! You didn’t deserve him, Rebecca!

Richard shows up at a party and starts talking to Rebecca who is now ready to reunite with him. If it had been for me, you could have well been burning in hell and not together, of course! It could have been too pleasant for the likes of you!

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